Vape Pen Care Tips

Vape Pen Tips | Caring for your Vape Pen

In this guide you’ll learn how to take care of your O.pen 510-thread vape batteries and cartridges, or really any 510-thread. Safe and effective THC oil pen care is important, and in this article we’ll show you how to use your cartridge properly and maintain it.
variable voltage vape pen

Variable Voltage 510 Battery - Complete Guide

Control your vape session with a variable voltage vape pen and learn more about the benefits of the different voltages your 510 vape pen offers.
What is a 510 thread vape battery?

510-Thread Vape Batteries | Why People Love Them

Learn everything there is to know about 510 thread vape batteries from why people love them to troubleshooting when issues arise.
Benefits of Vaping Cannabis graphic

Benefits of Vaping

Is vaping safe? Is vaping bad for you? What are the benefits of vaping weed? In this article we'll explore answers to those questions and more.
Cannabis 101

Cannabis 101

View the book in your browser here.
benefits of vaping

Benefits of Vaporizing

Why do so many people love our vaporizers? There are many different benefits of vaporizing with O.penVAPE products. Read more to learn about our vaporizers.