vape pen burnt oil taste

Vape Pen Burnt Oil Taste | How To Prevent It

Learn how to prevent and work through the occasional vape pen burnt oil taste, a relatively common occurrence in 510 vape pens and cartridges.

Vape cartridges pre-filled with THC oil are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their convenience and ease-of-use, in fact, they are the second most popular type of cannabis product behind cannabis flower. To get the best experience out of your vape cartridge it requires a bit of learning on which voltage setting is best to use for your selected THC oil type, taking this time upfront will help prevent a burnt oil taste in your vape pen. The most common type of vape pen battery is the 510 connection, which is commonly referred to as a universal connection point, meaning the battery should work with most 510-cartridges. Not all 510 batteries are created equally however and they come in a range of price points with various features. When vaping THC cartridges it’s possible to experience a burnt oil taste, in this article we’re going to talk about how to prevent that from happening. We’ll also take a look at the best vape pen battery options to use and optimal voltage settings for the best vapor experience possible. 

How to Use a Vape Pen Battery

low voltage vape pen

It is important as a THC cartridge consumer to do a bit of research before jumping online to buy just any vape pen battery  The best 510 vape pen batteries have multiple temperatures or voltage settings, including a low voltage setting in the 2 volt range. Low voltage settings have a number of benefits for vape users:

  • They help preserve delicate terpene profiles with low boiling points which help preserve the flavors of your THC cartridge. 
  • Low voltage settings allow new users to experiment without getting too high. 
  • Low voltage settings also prevent the risk of burning your THC oil and ruining your cartridges flavor

It's essential to start with the lowest temperature, and going with the suggested voltage setting on the packaging or at least understanding what type of cannabis oil you are vaping. For example, higher terpene content cartridges like Live Resin and Rosin cartridges should be vaped at lower heat settings as they have more delicate compounds in them.

Avoid Overheating THC Oil Cartridges 

If you’ve seen someone with a 510 THC cart with oil that had a color somewhere between melted caramel or honey, particularly around the base of the cartridge, the chances are they have burnt their vape cart. Once that happens, unfortunately, there’s very little that can be done to remedy the problem, the cartridge will retain its burnt taste for the remainder of the tank. So how do you prevent it? There are a few tips to consider to help prevent this problem

how to prevent burnt oil taste

  1. Take shorter, smaller puffs - if you pull on the pen until the timeout (when the lights blink) you’re increasing the THC oils heat exposure. IT may be best to take more smaller puffs to achieve your desired effect.
  2. Use low voltage settings (3V or less) - this will help ensure less power goes to your THC oil cartridge, preventing overheating

How to Fix Vape Pen Burnt Oil Taste 

There is not much you can do once the coils have burnt the THC oil inside of a 510 cartridge. You can try the tips above but the burnt oil taste may persist requiring you to replace your cartridge for a fresh one.

The Best Vape Pen Batteries For Sale 

open vape pen

Below we explore the different vape pen battery options offered by O.pen to provide the best flavor possible for your vaping experience. Our 510 batteries offer either one optimized voltage setting, or multiple, with our variable voltage vape pen model. Each of these options include a lifetime warranty and a variety of color ways to select from.

O.pen Vapes

At O.pen we’ve been in the industry making both THC carts and vape batteries optimized for those cartridges since 2012 and are one of the best selling brands of all time. Our focus is on creating high quality vaporizer products at everyday, accessible price points. We’ve been learning and growing in the industry for more than 10 years and developed products that we are truly proud of, so much that we stand behind them 100% with a lifetime guarantee behind our vape batteries. Our vape pen collection is available in three 510-thread varieties all optimized for THC cartridges that offer a range of price points and features for THC cartridge consumers.

2.0 Variable Voltage Vape Pen - $40

Our most feature-rich vape pen is our 2.0 variable voltage battery. This 510-thread battery is equipped with four voltage settings allowing users easy customization of their desired heat setting, a great feature for those concerned about burning their THC oil. This vape pen battery is also equipped with a preheat setting, 20-minute rapid charge mode and nine unique color ways for ultimate customization.

O.riginal Single Voltage Vape Pen - $20

Our first-gen O.riginal vape pen was designed for ultimate ease-of-use and is programmed with a single 3.2V setting and a draw activated inhale, no buttons required. If you’re looking for a simple and discreet vape pen optimized for most THC oils this may be a great option for you.

ISH Ultra Compact Cheap Vape Pen - $10

The smallest of the bunch coming in at a teeny, tiny 3 inches is our ISH vape pen battery. This standard 510-thread battery also comes programmed with a 3.2 volt battery. The ISH battery is designed for those looking for a super portable, cheap vape pen that still offers a quality puff.

Friends for Life - Lifetime Warranty

To seal the deal - all O.pens are backed by our Friends for Life lifetime warranty. If your pen breaks for any reason - storm, earthquake, zombies - we’ll replace it with a brand new vaporizer. All O.pen’s were built specifically for THC cartridges and are optimized to deliver the best vapor experience possible, including preventing burnt oil taste.