benefits of vaping

Benefits of Vaporizing

Why do so many people love our vaporizers? There are many different benefits of vaporizing with O.penVAPE products. Read more to learn about our vaporizers.
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There are many different benefits of vaporizing with O.penVAPE products.

Vaporizing Benefits

Vaporizing has seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the last few years. O.penVAPE offers some of the best selling personal-use vaporizers on the market. Each vaporizer offered by O.penVAPE functions slightly different but all offer consumers a healthier alternative to combustion.

The O.penVAPE brand offers three options for person-use vaporizing: the O.riginal draw activated vaporizer battery, the Variable Voltage 2.0 battery and the ISH and ultra-compact vaporizer battery.

O.penVAPE products have a number of advantages over traditional combustion methods of consumption. One of the best vaporizer benefits is the ability to control temperature. For example, our variable voltage 2.0 battery allows for different temperatures which work better with certain types of oil. The result is stronger or more flavorful hits depending on the user's preference.

benefits of vaporizing

Temperature Control

This refined temperature control ensures that no combustion of the oil takes place, unlike most traditional smoking methods. Multiple studies have found that a number of carcinogens are released and then inhaled when tobacco and other plant-based products are burned. A temperature-regulated vaporizer pen can avoid the burning that releases those carcinogens.

Consistent Dosing

Another benefit of vaporizing is the ability to consume a consistent dose. For example, if you pull for 8-seconds with an O.penVAPE vaporizer device, you’ll consume just about the same dose each time you do so.

On-the-Go Lifestyle

Thanks to the lack of combustion, you’ll notice that cannabis vaporizer cartridges have noticeably less smell than traditional consumption methods. This, paired with a small, sleek form factor, make O.penVAPE vaporizers ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle. For those looking for an even more compact offering, check out the rechargeable, ultra-compact ISH vaporizer.

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