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Vape Shop, Head Shop, Smoke Shop | Understanding the Difference

In this article we’ll explore the differences between a vape shop, head shop, and smoke shop, and why a consumer might choose to shop at one or the other.
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While they may sound similar there are important differences between a vape shop, head shop, and smoke shop when it comes to the products that they carry and what a consumer can expect to find on the shelf of each of these stores. In this article we’ll explore the differences between these store fronts and why a consumer might choose to shop at one or the other.

What is a Head Shop?

A head shop will have everything you need to get started smoking cannabis or concentrates. At a head shop you’ll find bongs, dab rigs, vaporizers, and many other smoking accessories. Head shops are typically popular where cannabis is legalized as their products pair well with flower and concentrate products. You can find head shop retail stores or can find online head shops all around the world that can ship these items directly to your home. 

What is a Smoke Shop?

A smoke shop typically sells tobacco products and other nicotine vaping products. However, smoke shops also carry similar products as head shops such as water pipes, dabbing rigs, vape pen batteries, and other related products. It depends on the smoke shop, sometimes they will have a minimal number of 420 accessory options for sale.

What is a Vape Shop?

Vape shops have inventory primarily focused on vaping related products - encompassing nicotine and cannabis related vaporizer devices, including dab pens. You can typically find a huge selection of vape batteries and tank-type cartridges that hold the nicotine juice inside it. Vape shops also carry a wide variety of cannabis compatible vaporizers that work with both the dry herb cannabis flower or with pre-filled THC carts, often as 510-thread vape batteries.

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