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O.pen was started in 2012 with the goal of making high quality vaporizers that stood the test of time. We’ve designed our 510-thread vaporizers to work perfectly with THC cartridges and have kept ease of use top of mind in the design process. Today O.pen is one of the best selling vape pen brands, available in 1,000s of retail locations nationwide, all backed by a Friend for Life warranty.

Between you and the battery quality, I am thoroughly impressed with your brand and now a huge fan and supporter. I greatly appreciate you! Thank you so much!
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Learn how to take care of your vape pen and optimize your vaping experience with this guide. Read more here to discover vaping tips and tricks by O.pen.

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Please enjoy 25% off Full Spectrum CBD from our sister brand, Lunchbox Alchemy

How to Talk to Your Parents About Weed

How to Talk to Your Parents About Weed

Not sure how to talk to your parents about weed? Many cannabis users feel this exact same way, even when using legally and responsibly. We all want to be our true selves around family, so in that spirit, we’re offering a guide to having that conversation this holiday.
buying vape pen for carts

What to Consider When Buying a Vape Pen For Carts

In this article, the most important factors to consider when buying a new vape pen for vaping THC carts to allow for the most optimal vaping experience possible.
best wax pen battery

The Best Wax Pen Battery For 510 Cartridges

Wax pens have been trending with seasoned cannabis consumers and with good reason! Vape pen batteries designed for use with THC carts are fast, easy-to-use, convenient, discreet & one of the most portable smoking options available. 

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