how to use a vape pen

How to Use a Vape Pen - Complete Guide

If you’re wondering how to use a vape pen for the first time, this guide can help. Read more here for a tutorial about using a vape pen from O.pen.
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In this guide, we’ll walk you through tips and best practices on how to use a vape pen, while getting the most out of your vaping experience. We’ll discuss:

Learning how to use a vape pen battery for 510-thread THC cartridges or wax atomizers is simple and only requires a few steps to get started. In this informational guide, we’ll discuss how to use the O.pen and other standard 510-thread vape pen batteries. The O.pen battery was built with the cannabis oil cartridge user in mind, along with people who enjoy using dab pens. The O.pen has evolved into the 2.0 version with multiple temperature settings, including a dab mode. So, you can enjoy vaping your favorite cannabis extracts with your choice of 510-thread wax atomizer. 

There are many aspects to consider when purchasing a vape pen battery. One thing to consider if you like to be able to control the intensity and taste of your vape hits is that batteries can come with a single voltage setting or multiple, having more than one setting is referred to as variable voltage. Not all voltage settings are recommended for vaping THC cartridges. For that reason with the O.pen 2.0 battery, we took the time to configure the best voltage settings that allow the user to be able to enjoy their THC cartridge without worry. With the O.pen 2.0 you can experience a premium vape pen battery that's going to provide great flavor and big draws from your favorite vape cartridges.using a push button vape penIt won’t take longer than 5-minutes to learn how to use a vape pen, with a button or without one. Typically, most vape pen batteries with a button turn on by clicking it 5 times. Most variable voltage 510-thread batteries will switch voltage settings by clicking it either 2 or 3 times rapidly. It's important to always read the vape pen instructions before using a new one. 

O.pen 2.0 Variable Voltage Vape Battery Instructions 

vape pen usage instructions

Turn it On:

It's very simple to change the voltage settings on a O.pen vape battery. The stylus design makes the O.pen discreet and the soft bottom acts as a power button that turns the vape pen battery on by clicking it 5 times. Once the vape pen is on, which will be indicated with dots lighting up around the bottom of the pen, click the button 2 times to change to the next voltage setting. The settings ranging from low to high are all automatic draw activated puffs, but the dab mode (blue lights) requires you to hold down the power button during the inhale. 

vape pen temperature settings

The first three settings are perfect for those who want to vape without having to press a button, and will vape THC cartridges by simply inhaling. The fourth setting, the dab mode, requires you to press down on the stylus button while inhaling.

variable voltage battery settings
  • Low - 2.4 volts is great for vape cartridges meant for low voltage settings. Live resin cartridges or cartridges with high terpene content are designed to be hit at these lower settings so the flavor profile is preserved. This lower setting is represented by a cool purple color LED light. 
  • Medium - 3.2 volts is perfect for a more flavorful and sizable vape hit, and is shown through a red color illuminating.   
  • High - Green lights mean you are at the high setting, which is 4.0 volts. This setting is going to provide the biggest vape hit but will sacrifice flavor, some THC cartridges may even start to burn at this voltage setting.
  • Dab - The mode meant for vaping cannabis extracts with a 510-thread wax atomizer, and is indicated with blue lights. It can also be used with THC cartridges that can take this voltage setting. But do not use this setting with any vape cartridge unless you're certain it's capable of vaping at this voltage. 

how to vape marijuana oil

 There are a number of THC oil cartridges available on the market with a range of effects, flavor profiles and effects that they deliver, you can learn more about how to find the right one for you here. O.pen THC oil cartridges have a range of options for just about any type of cannabis consumer, you can find a retail location on where our THC oil cartridges can be purchased here

How to Use a Vape Pen for THC

Using a vape pen for THC involves a straightforward process. Start by ensuring your device is charged. Next, remove the protective cap and check the THC oil cartridge for any leaks. Connect the cartridge to the battery, making sure it's securely attached. If your pen has adjustable settings, start with a low wattage to avoid overheating the coil and burning the THC oil.

vape pen storage when not in use

Press the device's power button and inhale gently. Take slow, controlled puffs, allowing the vapor to enter your lungs. If your pen has a preheat function, activate it before your first hit to enhance vapor production. Remember to wait a few seconds between puffs to avoid overheating. Monitor the battery level, recharge as needed, and store your vape pen in a cool, dry place.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and adhere to local regulations regarding THC use. It's crucial to start with small doses and gradually adjust based on your tolerance and preferences for a safe and enjoyable experience.

How to Use a Vape Pen for CBD

To use a vape pen for CBD, start by ensuring the device is charged. Remove the protective cap and attach the CBD cartridge to the battery securely. Some pens have adjustable settings, so start with a lower wattage to prevent overheating the coil and ensure a smoother CBD vaping experience.

Press the power button and take slow, controlled inhales. Allow the vapor to enter your lungs for maximum absorption. If your pen has a preheat function, activate it before your first puff to enhance vapor production. Remember to wait a few seconds between draws to prevent overheating.

Monitor the battery level and recharge as needed. Store your CBD vape pen in a cool, dry place and follow the manufacturer's instructions. It's advisable to begin with low doses and gradually adjust based on your CBD tolerance and desired effects for a safe and effective vaping experience. Always adhere to local regulations and guidelines regarding CBD usage.

How To Charge a Vape Pencharging your vape pen battery

When learning how to use a vape pen, it’s important to know you should always fully charge the device before using it. For most pens, an indicator light will turn from red to white or green once fully charged. But always reference the instructions that came with your device. 

Most vape pens will warn you against overcharging your device, Why? If you charge your device for long periods of time, it can damage the chargeable life of the battery, similar to your cell phone.

The next thing to know about a vape pen is how to charge the device. Here are step-by-step instructions to do so successfully. 

  1. Remove the vape cart from the device.
  2. Locate the charger. 
  3. Attach the charger to its wall plug, or find a USB port to connect to. 
  4. Connect the charger to the vape pen device.
  5. Ensure the indicator light turns to the color that indicates it is charging (it is usually red). 
  6. Take the vape pen device off the charger after when the indicator light turns green or white. 

    How To Clean A Vape Pen

    Cleaning a vape pen that is 510-thread is simple and requires little maintenance outside of routine charging. If you notice that your vape pen has oil residue in the threading where the vape pen and vape cartridge connect, simply dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol and clean the surface of the vape pen to remove the residue. Once clean, allow the threading to full dry before reassembling your vape pen.

    The O.pen 2.0 Vape Pen Features

    • 2.4-4.0 Volts depending on the selected setting (click 2x to cycle)
    • Automatic, inhale activated puffs
    • Oil preheat function (press & hold to activate)
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • Battery life indicator (click 3x)
    • USB-charger, equipped with rapid charge
    • Stylus tip
    • Assorted color options
    • Friend for Life Lifetime Warranty

    We hope these tips were helpful in answering your questions on how to use a vape pen and allow you to get the most out of your vaporizing experience.