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Hero Grown Patriotic 2.0

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Honoring Those Who Have Served with the HeroGrown® Vaporizer

HeroGrown® is dedicated to helping American heroes gain access to safe alternatives to pharmacy prescriptions. There are over 20 million military veterans and tens of millions of active and retired first responders. In the shadows, a countless number of these heroes are desperately struggling with addiction to deadly drugs prescribed for service-related injuries and psychological disorders. With an American dying every 5 minutes from these drugs, it’s our mission to fight for the right of to choose a safe alternative.

Unique American Flag Design

Our HeroGrown® vaporizers are co-branded American Flag & Camouflage 2.0 batteries offering a sleek & compact design. These vape cartridge pens are now with variable voltage capability! Each battery is equipped with 4 voltage modes giving you more control over your vaporizer experience - from mellow & flavor forward to rich & robust. 

Additional Features Include:

American Flag and Camouflage HeroGrown® finish options
  • 2.4v - 4.0 volts
  • 20-minute rapid charger 2.0
  • Draw activated, simply inhale to use
  • 510 thread
  • Friend for Life lifetime warranty

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