Friend for Life - Limited Lifetime Warranty

We understand life happens, that’s why we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all O.pen battery products. If your pen stops working for any reason - storm, earthquake, zombies - whatever, follow the below steps to initiate a replacement. For as long as you own an O.pen battery, you’re covered.

Please note that all warranty requests will require video evidence showing the defectiveness of each malfunctioning battery in order to qualify.

Our Customer Satisfaction team is ready and available to answer your questions Monday-Friday from 9-5pm EST. The best way to reach us is to submit a contact form,  We will respond within 8-12 business hours.

*If you live outside of the United States, your warranty return must be done in-store. Please do not mail-in products from outside the country, as we will be unable to send a replacement.


If your 2.0 battery seems to stop working, please review these troubleshooting steps first to see if you can return your vape pen battery to working order.

We have two options for our warranty replacements:

  • 1. Mail-in replacement option: We will provide you with mailing instructions and a replacement slip to fill out. There you will indicate what replacement battery you would like. Once complete, include the slip and your malfunctioning battery in your replacement shipment.  Then mail it to the address provided on the replacement slip. Please note that mail in returns lost in the mail will require a tracking number in order to send a replacement order.

For this option, you will be responsible for shipping your malfunctioning battery to us along with the replacement slip. Once this is received by our warehouse, they will send back your preferred battery free of charge.

  • 2. Expedited option: This option is a faster warranty method. With this option, you will pay $10 for a replacement of your malfunctioning battery and $5 for shipping ($15 total) for the 2.0 Variable Voltage battery and the Conceal. The 1.0/O.Riginal devices are $5 and the Ish devices are $2 for the replacement with $5 for shipping on both of those options.   

When requesting a replacement, please keep in mind that it must be for the same type of battery. We are unable to switch the replacement to a different model of battery.

To qualify for a lifetime warranty replacement you must:

  • Be in possession of the defective battery unit
  • Submit proof of battery defectiveness (see below for required steps).


For your warranty video submission please follow the instructions below based on which battery you are having trouble with. 


Step 1.) Show the defective pen on the charger, plugged into a charging station or outlet. Please make sure the indicator lights on the charger and on the battery are visible in your frame.

Step 2.) Show what happens when you click the stylus tip of your 2.0 battery 10 times rapidly, or, the button on the side for the Conceal 2.0 Battery. Please make sure that the indicator lights on the battery are visible in your frame.


Step 1.) Show the defective pen on the charger, plugged into a charging station or outlet. Please make sure the indicator lights on the charger and on the battery are visible in your frame.

Step 2.) Show what happens when you draw directly from the pen without the cartridge attached. Please make sure that the indicator lights on the battery are visible in your frame.


Step 1.) Show the defective pen on the charger, plugged into a charging station or outlet.

Step 2.) Show what happens when you click the button five times rapidly and what happens when you hold down the button while pulling on it. Please make sure that the indicator light on the battery is visible in your frame.

If oil has leaked into the mouthpiece of your Delta-8 product, please show what the tip of the mouthpiece looks like with either a photo or a video.  Please note the Delta-8 can be replaced only within the first 30 days after it is purchased.  There is no mail in replacement service for the Delta-8 pens. 


We offer a 1-year limited warranty for your O.pen Sesh Device. The 1-year warranty applies from the date of purchase and proof of purchase via an online order or physical receipt is required for all returns. Your warranty covers but is not limited to, manufacturer defects such as:

  • Persistent atomizer/510 connection issues preventing use
  • Power button stops working and/or is not responsive
  • Charging port no longer works
  • Glass broken on arrival (must submit proof within 7-days of receipt)

Please note that the warranty for the sesh is on a case by case basis and replacements for this item can only be sent out after a warranty video is reviewed and approved, and the original item is mailed back to us with a pre-paid shipping label.


Once your video is complete, please attach it to your inquiry along with the pen’s order number, and or, a receipt of purchase from one of our retailers (if you have it) to our O.PEN WARRANTY REPLACEMENT FORM for review. Please indicate if you’d prefer the mail-in option or the expedited option for your replacement. Our awesome customer service team will review your request as quickly as possible and be in touch with you regarding the next steps.

Video evidence must be presented for all replacement requests. If video evidence cannot be provided, replacement requests are at the discretion of the customer service team. Please go to our O.PEN WARRANTY REPLACEMENT FORM to begin the warranty replacement process.




Starting 05/15/22, all purchases of O.penVAPE Old Branding 2.0 Variable Voltage Batteries are FINAL SALE. These batteries do not qualify for the O.pen Friend For Life Warranty or Warranty of any kind offered by O.pen or SLANG Worldwide.

If you received a malfunctioning old branded battery within the last 14 days, please complete the O.PEN WARRANTY REPLACEMENT FORM and provide video evidence based on the provided instructions above along with your order number. We are not able to provide replacements or refunds for any old branded battery that was delivered more than 14 days prior.

Please note that as of 2019 our Go.pen and Ziggy Marley Dry Herb are no longer being manufactured, and do not have warranty coverage. 

30-Day Return Replacement Policy

Non-working O.pen batteries purchased on our website can be replaced or refunded within 30-days of purchase via our expedited full-coverage replacement policy. If they were purchased at a retail store they are only eligible for a free replacement.  Please note that all requests will require video evidence showing the defectiveness of the battery.

To qualify for a 30-day full-coverage warranty replacement you must:

  • Be in possession of the defective battery unit
  • Submit proof of battery defectiveness (please follow the warranty defectiveness steps above)

Limited-Edition Battery Replacements

We are excited to offer limited edition colors and patterns for our O.pen batteries. Please be aware that limited-edition batteries may not be available for warranty replacements at a later date as they are produced in limited quantities.


We are happy to accept unopened returns within 30 Days of Purchase. We do not provide postage/shipping for returns. Refunds for opened items are only available for devices that are shown to be malfunctioning within the first 30 days after the item has been delivered.  Please submit a video based on the above video submission steps for malfunctioning batteries. 

Delta-8 Returns

Customers that order our Delta-8 vape pens have 7 days from receiving their first order of a strain for a refund/replacement if they are not satisfied with their purchase. Customers have up to 30-days for a replacement if the device that they receive is defective.


Subscription Minimums

To maintain the discounted pricing of 20% off on all subscription orders, there is a minimum commitment of two orders before cancellation. The one-time purchase option is the default selection and any purchases with the subscription selected will be subjected to a two order minimum before cancellation. 

Defective Cartridge & All-in-One Returns

If you experience any issues with your O.pen cartridges or all-in-one devices, we encourage you to take them back to the dispensary from where you purchased them. Please keep your receipt and call ahead to confirm the exchange of the broken or defective cartridge in store, we allow returns of defective cartridges within 14 days of purchase. If the retailer is not able to satisfy your needs please reach out to us and we will work with you to find a solution.

4-Hour Cancellation Policy

If you happen to make an error in your order and need to cancel it, please reach out to us within 4 hours of placing the order.  Once the 4-hour window has elapsed, we are unable to guarantee that the order can be canceled. 

Please note: once an order is placed, we're unable to make any changes to it. If you happen to change your mind or need to modify anything, your order will need to be canceled. Simply fill out a cancellation form for the original order and go ahead and place a new order with your preferred items.

If your cancellation request falls within the four-hour time window and your order has already been shipped, we'll be happy to provide a return shipping label for your convenience. However, if it's beyond the four-hour window, you'll be responsible for the return shipping costs.  All product returns in this instance will need to be unopened and in original packaging.

Cancellation requests can be as follows:

  • Color Change
  • Product Change
  • Discount Code Not Activating
  • Refund Request
  • Address Change

Please note that cancellation emails sent to our SLANG email address will not be processed quickly enough to accommodate the request in time. All cancellations will need to be sent with the cancellation form on

Incorrect address entered

Please double-check the shipping address you enter during checkout. O.pen cannot be held responsible for any incorrect addresses inputted during the checkout process.

If you've accidentally entered the wrong address, please reach out to us ASAP using the cancellation form and provide the correct address for your order. We'll do our best to cancel it before fulfillment, but please note that we can't guarantee cancellation and your order will likely be sent to the address provided on the order.

Cartridge Compatibility

Our pens and cartridges are designed to complement each other perfectly and are both 510-thread connections, broadly known as a universal connection. However, we cannot provide a guarantee that non-O.pen cartridges and/or batteries will work with our products and vice versa. Any cartridge wider than 1cm will not fit into our Conceal 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery, but will likely work on our slim pen design batteries.  We are not able to provide replacements or refunds based on cartridge compatibility.

Button Activated Cartridges

While our batteries are draw activated, some cartridges made by other manufacturers may have a mechanism in them that requires a button to be pressed on the battery while inhaling in order to pull properly. These cartridges will generally work with our batteries as long as the button is pressed while inhaling. We are not able to provide replacements or refunds due to the button functionality of the customer’s preferred cartridge. 

Issues logging in

If you are having trouble logging into your account, your account may not be completely activated yet. Even if you have a subscription or have made an order with us, our platform will need you to finish setting up your account. You can fill out this form to finish your account setup. Be sure to use the same email during the registration process that you’ve used for previous orders. Once this step is completed you can log in and view your account and edit your subscription at any time. 

Age Verification

At O.pen, we are committed to ensuring the responsible sale and distribution of our products, including vape pens and related accessories, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We utilize third-party age verification software to confirm the age of all customers who purchase on our website. Those who do not complete the age verification or are unable to be verified successfully will have their orders canceled and their payment returned to the original purchase method.

We take customer privacy seriously, and all information collected during the verification process is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy

For questions or concerns, please contact our customer support team. By making a purchase with O.pen, customers agree to comply with this policy and all relevant age and identity verification laws and regulations.

The PACT Act Effect On Shipping

The PACT Act has dramatically limited the shipping of e-cigarettes and vaporizers in the mail, and we have had to make changes to our warranty and shipping programs. We are still able to ship O.pen devices nationwide, however, our shipping costs are now much more expensive. In order to qualify for FREE shipping on new purchases customers must spend $50 or pay a $5 flat rate shipping fee. For warranties a charge of $15 will be billed to the customer to cover average shipping costs.

We encourage customers to go to their closest retail location for a warranty exchange during this time, we will reimburse the O.pen retail. However, it should be noted, acceptance of warranty exchanges are up to the retailer's discretion.

We are actively seeking opportunities to reduce shipping costs and appreciate your understanding and support during these times.