Vape Pen Terminology & Slang

Vape Pen Terminology & Slang

If you’re interested in getting started with vaping you may come to notice that there’s a lot of terminology used that you may not be familiar with. In this article, we look to define commonly used terminology and slang when it comes to vape pen batteries and THC cartridges.

If you’re interested in getting started with vaping you may come to notice that there’s a lot of terminology used that you may not be familiar with. In this article, we look to define commonly used terminology and slang when it comes to vape pen batteries and THC cartridges.


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A 510-thread connection is the most common and typically referred to as a universal connection point for vape pen batteries and THC oil cartridges. “510” literally refers to 10 threads 5mm apart that thread together to join parts of a vape battery and vape cartridge. The universal 510-thread allows more freedom to try different brands of THC cartridges and vape batteries because they are largely compatible and interchangeable with each other. You can read more about why people love 510-thread batteries on our blog here. However, it’s important to note that brands typically optimize their cartridges and batteries to work with each other and source from vendors who know the technology used for each component so there may be unforeseen compatibility or performance issues when mixing and matching brands.


A 510 thread cartridge as the name suggests is a cartridge compatible with 510 thread batteries and the most common type of cartridge for both THC and CBD. 510 cartridges typically come prefilled and can be purchased at a dispensary or CBD shop where cannabis is legal. 510 cartridges are typically sold in 500mg and 1gram cartridge sizes and the type of oil filled into the cartridge will vary, we will cover THC oil types more below.

Other Types of Vape Cartridges for THC Oil

While 510-threaded batteries are the most common types in the cannabis industry, there are alternatives. One of the most popular alternatives is the vaporizer pod. These come with THC oil inside and typically have a proprietary connection to them, meaning you must use cartridges and batteries from the same brand. Additionally, there are pods available that can be filled with your own THC oil and then used more than once. Another alternative to 510-threaded vape batteries is a single-use vape pen that has the pen and the cartridge included. These are convenient, one-time-use THC vape pens that come with the pen itself and the cartridge in the same device. These affordable all-in-one vape pens allow you to try a different strain without having to buy an entire portable vaporizer setup.

Wax Pen, Dab Pen, and Vape Pens

We start with the most common names for concentrate vaporizers. 

    • Dab Pen - The dab pen can refer to either a 510 wax atomizer or THC oil cartridge. The term dab pen is used to refer to effects being similar to that of dabbing cannabis oil, 
    • Wax Pen - A wax pen is an atomizer connected to a battery which can vape load-your-own concentrates rather than a pre-filled vape cart. They can also be referred to as a dab pen too.
    • THC Pen - Also known as a disposable vape pen with a THC oil cartridge. These are cost-effect and provide convenience with a ready to vape THC cartridge.
  • Vape Pen - Vape pens are referring to the battery for powering a cannabis oil cartridge, or wax atomizer. 
  • Additional insight into the difference

    Wax pens, commonly known as dab pens, are an alternative way to smoke cannabis concentrate versus a dab rig, which is a glass pipe with a quartz piece that is heated then used to consume the concentrate.

    THC Pens are often preferred since they are easily concealed and convenient. 

    Dab pens are also bulkier than vapes because of the coil needed to heat the dabs to a higher temperature. 

    Voltage vs Wattage Vape Batteries

    In basic electricity, two of the main units of measurement for an electrical device are voltage and wattage. The flow of electrons is called electric current. Wattage describes the rate at which power flows through a device. Voltage describes the speed at which the flow of electrons aka electric current occurs. For portable vaporizers, your device’s wattage tells you exactly how much power is coming from your vape at the time, and voltage is the amount of power that your vape is producing. Additionally, mAh describes the battery life of a vaporizer or its electric power, the higher the mAh, typically the longer the device's battery  lasts.

    Cannabis Oil Cartridge Types 

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    THC oil cartridges can be purchased with a variety of cannabis oil inputs. The most common oil type found in THC oil cartridges is distillate, with almost 80% of all cartridges sold being distillate. Other types of oil regularly found in cartridges include Live Resin and Rosin. We’ll cover the differences between each below.

    THC Distillate Oil

    Distillate carts are made from extracting THC from dried cannabis material, the type of cannabis input can vary depending on the quality of distillate oil being purchased and the reputation of the brand. Distillate oil is known for having high levels of THC and typically being offered at more affordable price points. It’s important to know that distillate oil can be flavored with either botanical terpenes, which are terpenes derived from natural, non-cannabis sources like pine or citrus. Distillate can also be flavored with cannabis derived terpenes from the cannabis plant itself. While both will provide pleasant experiences, cannabis derived terpene distillate cartridges are typically more expensive because the terpenes are less readily available and harder to extract.

    Live Resin

    Basically, as soon as the cannabis plant is harvested, it’s flash frozen. The freezing preserves the terpenes from the cannabis plant for the ultimate vaping flavors. 

    The price for live resin carts are a bit more compared to regular distillate with foreign type of terpenes. Live resin carts use real cannabis terpenes and result in the most delicious vapor. The effects are also much more intense because of what's known as the entourage effect. Basically, the terpenes and many other cannabinoids from the marijuana plant exist within the THC oil, and they all work together to provide stronger effects.


    Cannabis rosin is a type of concentrate produced from the harvested cannabis flower. Cannabis rosin is based on the process of extraction of cannabis concentrates. The process involves a combination of high heat and intense pressure, without the use of solvents like CO2 to extract cannabinoids like THC and CBD from the cannabis flower. These extracts are made into a sappy-like substance, then refined by cannabis professionals, and carefully placed in vaporizer cartridges for your enjoyment.


    When choosing the right pen and cannabinoid to enhance your 420 experience, keep in mind the helpful tips above. Decide whether you would like a more psychoactive effect or non-intoxicating, and be careful to heat your dab concentrates at the appropriate temperature. From there you can choose the best product for your specific lifestyle and wellness.