The Complete Guide to Weed Etiquette & How to Consume Like a Pro

The Complete Guide to Weed Etiquette & How to Consume Like a Pro

To us, etiquette is all about consideration and respect - it’s about recognizing the power you have to create positive social interactions, as well as negative ones. And when it comes to consuming cannabis in front of others (whether or not they choose to do so themselves), you need to be aware of this power, and use it consciously and carefully.
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For some people, smoking weed is a part of daily life. And for others, it's something new and exciting. Whatever your experience, now that its use is growing in legality, the societal rules around smoking weed can be a bit hazy. But don't worry. We're here to help with these basic guidelines to weed etiquette so you can avoid any awkward situations.

What is Weed Etiquette?

To us, etiquette is all about consideration and respect - it’s about recognizing the power you have to create positive social interactions, as well as negative ones. And when it comes to consuming cannabis in front of others (whether or not they choose to do so themselves), you need to be aware of this power, and use it consciously and carefully.

What is Weed Etiquette?

So, before you bring your cannafueled vape pen to the next dinner party, read these tips and tricks on cannabis etiquette to make sure you're not offending anyone.

Weed Etiquette: Your Comprehensive Guide

Weed etiquette is great, but it's not always clear what, exactly, it entails. In this guide we’ll cover the general best practices of weed etiquette to ensure you feel prepared for your next toke.

Be a Gracious Host

You’re hosting a smoke-out! Here are some tips to make sure your guests have a great time—and that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the whole thing.

Be a Gracious Host

Have plenty of food and drink on hand. While you don’t have to offer vape pens for sale or anything like that, it's good to offer bud, snacks, and something to quench your guests’ thirst. Cannabis can affect people in different ways, so it’s important to make sure everyone has something to eat and drink, especially if you’re consuming edibles. 

Set the mood with music and lighting. This is a great way to let people know what kind of vibe you want for the party! Think about whether you want to go for low lights or bright ones. Low lights can set a mellow tone, but sometimes it feels good to really see everyone around you (especially if you’re playing games).

When the party starts, take a moment to talk with your guests. Then kick back and enjoy yourself!

Share the Load

So, you want to bring your buds a little something for the next time you get together.

If you’re the guest and you’re coming from outside, perhaps the best way to show your appreciation is to contribute some cash. But what if you’re a little short on cash? You can still be generous without breaking the bank.

Bring goodies to share! Some snacks, some paper, some candy, or maybe even a disposable vape pen that you don’t mind sharing. Even better, bring a snack that everyone loves, but nobody has ever tried before. That can be an awesome surprise!

Ask Before Finishing a Joint

Weed etiquette dictates that when passing a vape or even a joint, you keep going until everyone says they're done. One important thing to remember is that when you're sharing a cannabis vape or a bowl of weed, it's important to be aware of what everyone else wants. If someone is getting rid of something before asking others if they'd like the rest, that's considered rude. 

If You Rolled It, You Light It

If You Rolled It, You Light It

When you're hanging with a group of people, and someone else rolls the joint, the first hit is all theirs. You're probably already familiar with this cardinal rule of weed etiquette, but in case you've been living under a rock and missed it: if you roll 'em, you own 'em.

Pass to Your Left (It’s the Golden Rule)

It's no secret that some of the most important rules in life are, actually, completely mysterious. Take, for instance, the rule of passing a joint or a vape to the left-hand side. No one can quite pinpoint where it comes from, but everyone agrees on the fact that it is essential and completely unbreakable.

No is No

What if you've got a friend who's just not into cannabis? It's important to remember that they might be uncomfortable with it, and it's not cool to make them feel pressured. Respect their decision.

Let them enter the beautiful world of weed when they are ready- it’s the perfect way to ensure they enjoy it and respect it. 

Here’s another note that may help: if you are going to someone’s place that you know doesn’t smoke weed, think about bringing a weed vape instead of a joint or bong. Vape pens don’t leave a thick cloud of smoke, and the vapor disperses pretty quickly without leaving a heavy smell. 

Sick? No Sharing!

It’s quite simple, when you’re sick, don’t share a vape or a joint (and your germs!) with your friends. 

But that doesn't mean you should stay home and stifle that cough in bed all day. If you're feeling good enough to hang out with friends and relax but not well enough to take a hit, then maybe offer to go on a munchie run, act as DJ for the night, or help set up and clean up at the end of the party. 

Don’t Hog the Bong or Vape Pen

The best thing about vapes, bowls and bongs is they can be shared and passed around for multiple hits. That means everyone can join in, kind of like a group activity. 

Don’t Hog the Bong or Vape Pen

So it’s simple- don’t be a hogger and smoke the whole vape pen or bong for yourself. 

Ash is for Ashing (Not Passing)

Ever been handed a joint with ash on the front? Then we don't have to explain more - you know the feeling, it's just not right. Don’t be that person. Ash the blunt or joint before you pass it along.

Ash is for Ashing (Not Passing)

Blowing Smoke in Someone's Face? That’s Just Downright Disrespectful

In general, when it comes to weed etiquette, you want to remember that this is a gift from nature and should be treated with respect.

That's why the first rule of polite pot smoking is never to blow smoke in someone's face unless they're prepared for what's about to come (yes, even if you’re smoking the best strains of weed). We call this maneuver "shotgunning." And if you're going to shotgun, you have to ask first, and your soon-to-be victim has to agree. Again, a vape pen can be helpful here- the vapor doesn’t last long, but it still doesn’t mean you should blow it toward anyone’s face.

Blowing Smoke in Someone's Face? That’s Just Downright Disrespectful

Smoke - Don’t Suck (No one Likes a Soggy Smoker)

Another cardinal cannabis etiquette rule: Don't suck on joints and blunts. If you do, they'll think you're going to keep it. And they’ll probably want you to keep it if you make it soggy with fish lips. 

It’s simple, keep your lips pursed, and don't let your inner lips or tongue make contact; it’s just gross. Don't try to drink the blunt or the joint. And don’t stick your tongue down the bowl of a bong—that's just nasty! It’s also good practice to clean the bong before passing it. Just a courtesy wipe of the mouthpiece, and you’re good to pass. 

Say No to Peer Pressure

If you try to pass a joint or bong around, but not everyone wants to take it from you, don’t get upset. Maybe they’re just not feeling it at that time—that doesn't mean they won't light up later when their mood changes or the vibe becomes different.


What is Weed, or Marijuana?

The dried "flowers" of the marijuana plant are usually green, brown, or gray, and crumbled into bits. It can also be processed into a sticky "resin" called hashish or hard, black pellets called hash oil. The main chemical in marijuana is THC. Marijuana can also contain other chemicals that are similar to THC.

What is a Zip of Marijuana?

A zip is 28 grams, or one ounce of cannabis flower.

How Will Weed Affect Me?

This can vary depending on factors like your weight, age, and history with the drug. Some of the immediate effects you may experience when you take cannabis include:

  • Feeling of freedom
  • Laughter
  • Meditative mood
  • Slight disorientation
  • Mild paranoia (especially with higher THC strains)
  • Drowsiness

  • Relaxation
  • Low blood pressure
  • Increased appetite
Will Weed Make Me Depressed?

There are no links or evidence that suggests depression is a result of marijuana use. 

Are Weed and Anxiety a Good Combination?

Some people use weed to help handle their anxiety (this is especially prevalent amongst people with social anxiety). When it comes to THC, keep it at a low dose. Higher THC strains can exacerbate anxiety. Studies show CBD can help manage anxiety, at all doses. 

I Live Out of State - What should I know about Weed Etiquette?

Consider the regular etiquette rules, but be proactive in helping shift the laws. Travel to states where marijuana is legal and enjoy their progressive laws while contributing to tourism. 

Does Marijuana Make You High?

Weed and marijuana use can make you feel high, but there are many contributing factors to the details- such as cannabinoid content, your experience with marijuana (and tolerance), and how you consume it.

Unwritten Rules of Weed Etiquette: The Bottom Line

The unwritten rules of marijuana use can help make your get-togethers a pleasant experience for everyone. Sure, weed is great for a little me-time solo experience, but it’s pretty great for sharing with friends too. And that’s precisely why the unwritten rules of weed etiquette are so unassumingly important - it’s to keep the vibe good, and the high enjoyed, by everyone.