Conceal vape pen battery_o.pen 2.0 conceal
2.0 Conceal Palm Vape Pen Tie Dye
2.0 Conceal Vape Pen Battery
discreet vape pen battery_o.pen 2.0 conceal

2.0 Conceal Vape Pen Battery

Sale price$40.99

Our 2.0 Conceal Variable Voltage vape pen battery was designed with discretion and protection top of mind. This O.pen conceal style vape pen battery fits comfortably into the palm of your hand and provides superior cartridge protection. With power to vape an entire 1g gram cartridge and voltage customization settings for your preferred experience, the O.pen 2.0 Conceal packs a lot for being so little. Fits carts up to 1cm diameter.

2.0 Conceal Comes With:

  • Micro-USB Charger
  • 2 Metal 510-Thread Cartridge Connectors


Key Features

1G Cartridge Use 510

1g Battery Life

The 2.0 Conceal palm vape pen battery is equipped with a 470mAh battery, giving you enough juice to vape a 1g cartridge on a single charge.

510 Cartridge Protection

Cartridge Protection

A chamber allows for cartridge protection from accidental drops + the discreet size of this vape pen battery fits in the palm of your hand. Fits carts up to 1cm in diameter.

Universal 510 Thread Icon

Universal 510 Thread

Equipped with a 510-thread connection, the 2.0 Conceal palm vape pen should work with just about any 510-thread cartridge, although we always recommend O.pen.

Battery Life Indicator

Battery Life Indicator

Check the battery life on your palm vape pen battery and cycle through voltage modes with the simple click of a button.

510 ConceaL Battery - Cartridge Protection


Pairing Tip

The O.pen 2.0 Conceal palm vape pen battery has enough battery power to vape a full 1 gram cartridge when fully charged.

Conceal variable voltage


Variable Voltage Technology

Click button 2x to show what setting the battery is currently on and click another 2x to cycle voltage settings.

Friends for live - Lifetime warranty est 2012


Friends for Life

All O.pen batteries come with a limited lifetime warranty.