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Flavored Rolling Papers Are Outdated

Historically, cannabis enthusiasts have loved adding flavors to their joints or blunts to complement the natural flower. The newest innovation for joints and blunts is flavored filter tips.
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The newest innovation for joints and blunts is flavored filter tips. While flavored papers are still a delicious way for smokers to enhance their cannabis, King Palm created a new solution.

Historically, cannabis enthusiasts have loved adding flavors to their joints or blunts to complement the natural flower. The best way to do that, until now, was with flavored rolling papers.

Flavored wraps and papers still offer a delicious addition, but there are also new and better options. 

King Palm developed an upgrade for cannabis flavor enhancement.

The natural Flavored Filter Tips from King Palm are the best way to add flavor to weed. Instead of artificial products that completely mask the organic taste of cannabis, these terpene tips intensify the already perfect flavor.

King Palm’s all natural flavored filter Tips offer organic ingredients and lush flavors without ever overpowering the flower or dry herb. The filters also work with a variety of joint options and enhance the sturdiness of any joint or blunt.

Pressure-activated with an all-natural infusion, King Palm’s Flavored joint tips use the incredible power of terpenes to refine any roll.

The benefits of King Palm’s filters are endless. 

But, five revolutionary components stand out for why the product is the best way to add flavor to bud:

1. King Palm’s Flavored Tips are made with all natural ingredients 

King Palm enriches organic corn husk filters with food-grade essential oils and terpenes. The infused terpenes are the fragrant compounds naturally found in cannabis plants.

The result is a natural filter tip enhanced with flavors that come straight from the Earth, not unpleasant chemicals. King Palm’s wraps are tobacco free, so smokers know exactly what they’re getting.

2. The terpene tips never mask the flower’s flavor, they enhance it.

Cheap and poor quality rolling papers are notorious for cloaking the sublime flavor of cannabis. The solution to this joint-ruining problem is King Palm’s premium filters. With natural ingredients, the terpene tips add to the cannabis taste, rather than overpowering it. 

The Flavored Filter Tips even cool down the taste for a heightened hit. They come in a variety of flavors, so smokers can choose the right terpene tips to match their favorite flower.

3. They’re activated by pressure, so they can be used anytime.

Instead of being forced to either smoke plain cannabis or a fully flavored joint, smokers can use the pressure-activated tips. The tip can work as a regular filter until the user decides to “pop” the terpene bubble.

Popping the flavor bubble only takes a soft pinch of the fingers or a bite. Joint lovers can activate the flavors immediately, or wait until they’ve gotten a taste of the natural cannabis first.

There is nothing else like this technology on the marijuana market. Before the King Palm Flavored Tips, joints were either flavored or unflavored, with nothing in between. Now, users can choose the length of their flavor experience.

4. King Palm’s Flavored Filters work on any 7mm joint, blunt, or wrap. 

Smokers can even insert them into their favorite flavored rolling papers. 

Users can add them to a joint or blunt before rolling to improve their smoke session.

They also taste especially delicious in natural King Palm leaf pre-rolled cones.

5. The Best Flavored Cones Ready To Pack

best flavored cones

Flavored paper cones can’t compete with King Palm’s Flavored cones, which are hand-rolled leaf cones with flavored filter tips.

Not only that, but the corn husk tips are so solidly rolled that ash can’t get through the filter. Smokers never need to spit out weed crumbles or ash - the tips prevent everything besides the cannabinoids from getting through.

They’re ideal for saving as much cannabis as possible, instead of losing bud to the remains of a joint. Smokers can save money with the extra cannabis they save using the filters, plus the affordability of the filter tips themselves.

King Palm offers these natural leaf wraps without flavored filter tips too at a low price for such a premium product. Smokers can buy in bulk or try out tons of different flavors, all at a low cost.

King Palm’s Terpene-Infused Flavor Tips are the perfect addition to any joint or blunt lover’s rolling kit. 

Smokers simply add a corn husk filter tip, activate the terpenes inside with pressure, and enjoy the enhanced flavor profile of King Palm and cannabis.