Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Cannabis Vape Cartridges: All You Need to Know

A cannabis device that stands out above the rest due to ease-of-use, functionality, and portability, are cannabis vape cartridges. In fact, studies suggest that vaping is less a healthier way to consume cannabis than smoking
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A cannabis device that stands out above the rest due to ease-of-use, functionality, and portability, are cannabis vape cartridges. In fact, studies suggest that vaping is less a healthier way to consume cannabis than smoking. [1]

Vape carts, also known as preloaded cannabis oil vape cartridges, have quickly established themselves as a great concentrate-based item for both cannabis beginners and connoisseurs. However, while vape cartridges may appear to be identical, the contents can vary greatly. 

So, before trying a cannabis vape cartridge, make sure you know what's inside.

Exploring Cannabis Vape Cartridges: What is a Cart Weed?

Curious about cannabis vape cartridges and wondering, "What is a cart weed?" These glass cartridges typically hold either a half or full gram of cannabis oil, a blend of terpenes, and cannabinoids sourced from cannabis. When heated, these active components transform into vapor.

Vape cartridges boast a straightforward design, commonly featuring a cylindrical shape and essential components:

  1. The Atomizer: Functions as the heat source, vaporizing cannabis oil for inhalation.
  2. The Tank: Holds the cannabis oil.
  3. The Mouthpiece: Where you draw in air and vapor.

The vape pen battery serves as the power source for the cartridge. Rechargeable cartridge batteries are often sold separately, while some cartridges may include a pre-installed disposable battery.

Learn more about these components and optimize your understanding of cannabis vape cartridges, including the question, "What is a cart weed?"

Cannabis Vape Cartridge

How Do Oil Cannabis Vape Cartridges Work?

To turn the concentrate into vapor, cannabis vape cartridges have a heating element inside them. In most units, the heating element is warmed by the removable battery; however, in disposable vape pens, a constructed battery may accomplish the job.

You inhale the vapor after it has been heated, which generates the cannabis vapor plume. Some vapes have batteries that offer several features for dose management, as well as temperature control.

What is a Vape Cartridge?

A vape cart, short for vape cartridge, is a portable and discreet device designed for consuming cannabis extracts or e-liquids. A glass or food-grade plastic cylinder houses a reservoir containing cannabis oil, which is heated by an atomizer. This process converts the oil into vapor, allowing users to inhale the active compounds. Vape carts commonly consist of key components like the atomizer, tank, and mouthpiece. The vape pen battery powers the cartridge and may be rechargeable or disposable. Vape carts offer a convenient and efficient way to experience the effects of cannabis, with various options catering to diverse preferences and needs.

How to Use a Vape Cartridge

When you're ready to use your cannabis vape cartridge, start by securely connecting it to the vape pen battery. Some batteries switch on immediately, while others require five taps on the button to turn on.

When you power on, the vape pen will illuminate, indicating that the battery is on. While inhaling through the mouthpiece, hold the button and feel the vapor enter your lungs. When you exhale, you'll notice some smoke, which means the device is working.

By pressing the button again, you can turn the cannabis cartridge off.

How to Use a Vape Cartridge

Types of Vape Cartridges

The tank that your vape cartridge might come in will typically be in one of three formats:

1. 510-Thread Cartridge

A 510-thread cartridge is the most common version of cartridges around. It was named after the 510 mm thread on the cartridge base. 510 mm thread connectors are found on the majority of vape pen batteries, making them compatible with different brands.

2. Disposable Vapes

The cannabis extract, battery, and mouthpiece are all contained in one device in these single-use gadgets. These don't need to be charged and don't require any other equipment to use: Simply remove the packaging and enjoy. 

3. Pod Cartridges

Pod cartridges are also referred to as proprietary connections and are only compatible with the vape battery provided by the brand. Consumers may get a more unique visual presentation or tailored experience from that vape but will lack flexibility if they decide they want to switch down the road.

Types of Vape Cartridge Oils

The cannabis oil found inside pre-filled vape cartridges typically fall into a few distinct categories.

1. Distillate Vape Cartridges

Distillate vape cartridges contain a cannabis oil extract is the most popular type of cannabis extract, consisting of 60%+ of all cannabis vape cartridge sales. Distillate vape cartridges go through a CO2 distillation process, similar to alcohol, to remove plant fats and other materials from the cannabis plant, often leaving behind a potent THC byproduct. The downside to distillation is that it often loses other compounds along the way like terpenes, which provide flavor. However, as research advances, extractors have gotten much better at preserving and reintroducing terpenes, both cannabis derived and botanical, into distillate based cartridges.  Distillate cartridges have a signature golden color.

2. Live Resin Cartridges

Live Resin cartridges are made using freshly frozen cannabis, where the cannabis bud is flash fresh immediately after harvest. This helps to preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids naturally found in the cannabis plant creating a more flavorful and full-spectrum cannabis extract. Live Resin is typically made using BHO extraction and tends to have a dark color due to the increased terpene, cannabinoid and plant fat contents within. Live Resin cartridges will often be less potent but more flavorful than their distillate counterparts.

3. Rosin Cartridges

The smallest, but growing category of cartridge oil types are rosin cartridges. This type of oil, also known as solventless, is made by applying heat and pressure to the cannabis plant to extract oil from the plant. This extraction process is the purest form of extraction, however it tends to provide the smallest yields from the cannabis plant, can be expensive and will have a very plant forward flavor profile, which may not be appealing to all consumers of cannabis vape cartridges.

How to Find a Good Cannabis Vape Cartridge

When deciding to purchase a cannabis vape cartridge you’ll want to consider - the experience you’re looking for, your budget and the amount of THC and CBD you are looking for.

Once you have determined those things you can begin research on strains or effects of cannabis vape cartridges that could be a good fit for your needs.

You’ll also want to consider your vape battery during the purchase process. Different vape oils have different consistencies and will require different temperature settings to get the most out of your vape experience. For example, a high heat setting on a rosin or live resin cartridge will burn the terpenes inside, effectively ruining your vape experience.

Shop for Cannabis Vape Cartridges

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How Long Does a Cannabis Cartridge Last?

There is no set formula for calculating the number of puffs your cartridge will hold. However, as per a few dispensary personnel, a 1/2-gram cartridge will probably deliver approximately 100 to 200 puffs for the average user. This is calculated on a 4-to-5-milligram puff, although it varies greatly across people. Factors contributing to this include: inhale duration, inhale strength, and vape battery charge levels.

It's quite straightforward to make an educated prediction as to how long a cart will last if you use the 3-to-5 milligram method. If you're a light inhaler—you use your vape device to take about 20-30 puffs throughout the day—then your vape cartridge will generally last three to five days.

Can I Refill the Cartridge With CBD or THC Oil Instead of Buying a New Cartridge?

You may be able  refill your cartridge with cannabis oil, but the process can be complicated and requires precision. You’ll need to determine if your cartridge can be opened, some are locked once filled. You’ll also need to determine if you atomizer is still working, as it will burn out after a certain amount of use.

You'll be able to add more oil to your vape pen cartridges once you've purchased refillable vape pen cartridges. 

All you need is a refillable cartridge like a 510-thread battery-powered cartridge, the cannabis oil you intend to use, the vape battery, and a syringe with a minimum of 5 ml capacity. Metal syringes or disposable plastic syringes, such as medical syringes, are both acceptable.

How to Refill a Vape Cartridge?

Some vape cartridges may be refilled with fresh cannabis oil. However, it's crucial to use a syringe since it decreases the risk of an oily mess. 


Cannabis vape cartridges are a great option for many when choosing to consume THC or CBD thanks to their ease of use, convenience and variety offered. Educating yourself on the types of cartridges available and purchasing from a reputable brand will be your keys to success when getting started with cannabis vape cartridges.