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Best Gifts for Every Cannabis-Lover on Your Holiday List

Finding the perfect gift is an art. We’re here to ease the stress of holiday shopping with unique and useful cannabis gifts for the (or soon-to-be) cannabis lover.
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Finding the perfect gift is an art. It takes a knowledge of the person receiving, an observant eye, and many nights internet browsing. And like art, not everyone can do it naturally. No worries, we’re here to ease the stress of holiday shopping with unique and useful cannabis gifts for the (or soon-to-be) cannabis lover.

It’s all part of our Home for the Holidaze--The Survival Guide. Check out other features in our series: How to Talk to Your Parents About Weed, and How to Discreetly Use Weed When Visiting Family

How to give cannabis to someone who’s never used weed before.

If buying weed for someone’s first experience, consider CBD as a starter. CBD comes from cannabis but most or all of the THC has been removed, which means tha CBD doesn’t bring any stimulating psychoactive effects. What it does, though, is reduce inflammation and reportedly induces a relaxed or calm state of mind. CBD can be consumed in a variety of ways, including tinctures, vitamin-style gummies and chews, and even beverages. 

Edibles and single-use vapes are another option for marijuana newbies. Edibles are easy to try (not to mention tasty). Disposable vapes are ready to use out of the package, and come prefilled with enough oil to explore different flavors and strains without having to commit to a big purchase. While choice is awesome, it can also be overwhelming. Here’s some answers to common questions and easy tips to finding the perfect first-time-cannabis gift. 

What’s the difference between “broad-spectrum” an “full-spectrum” CBD? CBD is a cannabinoid, a naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants. Cannabinoids are totally team players; they work better when taken together, which is the entourage effect. “Full-spectrum” keeps all the natural cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC, to enhance CBD’s function. It’s just enough to get the boosted benefits, but not enough to get one high. “Broad-spectrum” removes all of the THC but keeps other cannabinoids, so it’s more effective than CBD on it’s own but without even trace amounts of any THC. 

What are some tips for trying edibles for the first time? Here’s the basics when it comes to helping someone (or taking your own) cannabis first bites. 


Start with a small amount and give plenty of time to digest (at least 30 minutes) before consuming more. It can take as long as three hours for edibles to fully digest and feel them activate. 


If gifting, consider trying together in a relaxing environment. However they eat, remind them to not drive anytime soon. 


Be ready for unintentional over-consumption by adding a high CBD product, since CBD tempers and mellows the effects of THC. If one does accidentally “overeat,” drink plenty of water. It’s also suggested to add some fresh lemon juice since the citrus helps relieve any unpleasant effects from taking too much. 


Since cannabis can be incorporated into just about anything, the possible flavor options are endless. 

For a nostalgic gummy experience, try District Edibles. Made with real gelatin, these gummies have a classic gummy-bear texture with sweet candy flavors that pop. Here’s some independent reviews of District Edibles’ flavors so you can find the perfect taste:

​​A Slightly Sour Taste And The Sweetest Of Effects

District Edibles Has Unearthed A Unicorn

District's Cherry Cola: A Wave of Energy With Flavor to Savor

Sour Lime Country

Pucker Up For This Potent Punch

All Treat, No Tricks From District Edibles

If dietary restrictions are a consideration, Lunchbox Alchemy and Lunchbox Alchemy CBD are vegan and made with all natural ingredients and flavors. 

Why try a CBD seltzer? tretap seltzers are low calorie, low sugar, alcohol free and...most importantly...delicious. CBD seltzers can be enjoyed on their own as a mocktail, or add muddled fruits and herbs for an even more festive treat. CBD beverages are mildly relaxing (depending on the mgs per serving), so they make a fabulous alternative for alcohol based cocktails. They can also be used as a mixer to traditional cocktails for a boost of flavor and mood. 

Here’s a few easy recipes to include in your gift (or to try if gifting yourself!)

Blueberry Basil Smash

¼ cup fresh blueberries

2-3 fresh basil leaves

1 teaspoon coarse raw sugar

1 serving of gin (optional)

1 tretap Blueberry Basil CBD seltzer 

1 sprig of fresh rosemary

Muddle blueberries, basil and sugar in a glass. Add ice and gin. Top with Blueberry Basil CBD seltzer. Garnish with a fresh blueberry and a rosemary sprig; rapidly roll the rosemary in your hands to open up the aromatics.  

Not Just A Vodka Cranberry

¼ cup pomegranate juice

1 serving of vodka (optional)

1 tretap Cranberry Hibiscus CBD seltzer

5-6 pink peppercorns (optional)

Shake pomegranate juice and vodka over ice until well mixed and chilled. Pour into glass and add Cranberry Hibiscus CBD seltzer. Garnish with a few peppercorns for added punch. 

Citrus Spice Delight

½ fresh mandarin orange

1 serving of vodka (optional)

1 tretap Tangerine Turmeric CBD Seltzer

1 teaspoon raw sugar

Dash of paprika (optional)

Rim the glass with an orange slice and roll in the raw sugar. Muddle the orange slices and shake with vodka over ice until well mixed and chilled; strain and pour, then top with Tangerine Turmeric CBD seltzer. Add a dash of paprika on top for garnish. 

Lemon Lavender Dream

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1 sprig fresh lavender

1 tablespoon honey

1 serving of whisky (optional)

1 tretap Lemon Lavender CBD Seltzer

Stir lemon juice, honey, and whisky until well blended. Top with Lemon Lavender CBD seltzer. Garnish with lavender sprig and top with fresh  lemon zest. 

How do I pick a good first vape? Single-use vapes are perfect for trying out new flavors or strains, or to see if one likes vaping at all. Make sure that any vapes are purchased through an authorized dispensary since counterfeiting is common among cannabis vape products. Counterfeit products can be ineffective or unpleasant at best, and downright dangerous at worst. Stick to well-known and reputable brands and a licensed dispensary. 

The Firefly Mini features the same convection technology in its big brother Firefly 2+, for a smooth and flavorful draw. The Firefly Mini is filled with premium cannabis oil from curated strains that vary according to regional availability (think cannabis farm-to-table). O.pen’s Micro offers a variety of options--from boutique strains, to popular traditional strains (like Northern Lights or Jack Herer), or enhanced with non-cannabis flavors for the newbie. 

What to give people who love to smoke weed.

What if you’ve got someone on your list that’s a real...let’s not beat around the magic bush...they’re a stoner. 

Here’s some easy gifts for the stoner in your life. 

cannabis gift guide

Dabbing gadgets. Dabbing is known to require quite the setup, including a bong and all its accessories, as well as a butane torch and other specialty gear. Bakked offers unique products designed specifically for stoners, because getting high shouldn’t be work. 

The Dabaratus is a multi-use magic tool--dab, top a bowl, dress a joint, or add a little extra to edibles. Dabbaratus comes pre-filled with premium, terpene rich cannabis extract. A heat resistant tip oozes a controlled, consistent dab directly onto the dab rig for the easiest dabbing ever. But that’s not all. The rich cannabis extract inside is already pre-activated, so its effects can be enjoyed without using heat, which makes it the perfect boost to just about anything. 

The Gyro is another versatile problem solver for weed lovers. This gravity defying device keeps cannabis extracts safe--always upright, never spilling--no matter what. 

Elevated vapes. Even the purest of stoners can appreciate the ease, convenience and discretion of a vape pen. O.pen’s 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery features three unique temperature settings. Users can go from smooth and mellow low temps to get all the flavors, to rich and robust high heat for a potent puff. O.pen also offers a dab mode for use with rosin or cartridges filled with a thicker consistency of cannabis oil. 510 threaded means that just about any cartridge on the market can be used with an O.pen. 

Plus, O.pen comes in a variety of cool colors and unique designs, including our limited edition Holidaze design. We like to keep it special, so Holidaze is available only in limited quantities and for a limited time before it’s gone forever. Makes the perfect stoner stocking stuffer! 

Organized highs. A high-end storage and travel case from StashLogix keeps your stoner friend in the weed but out of the weeds, if you know what we mean. Everything from vapes, cartridges, dab accessories, joints, lighters, etc. has its place. Odor absorbing liners and locking zippers keep everything safe, secure, and discreet.  

Vibe space. (Vintage posters, discount and promo code) Cheeky poster reproductions from real anti-marijuana propaganda films will delight any cannabis lover. (To learn the story behind the real posters, check out O.pen’s blog The History of 420)

Cannabis gifts for everyone on your list. 

Here’s the perfect cannabis gift for everyone. 

The Foodie
cannabis foodie gift guideFood lovers will appreciate the Firefly Mini’s rich flavor, and the smaller size is perfect for taste-testing strains. Sweet Mary Jane’s cookbook is packed with high, we mean elevated desserts that are perfectly indulgent for the holidays.
  • Sweet Mary Jane cookbook
  • Firefly mini
The Techy
cannabis technology gift guideIf it’s all about gadgets and gizmos, go for a vaporizer with innovative design features they’ll appreciate.

Firefly 2+. Invented by techys with a love for the plant. Proprietary dynamic convection heating, smart temperature control, and made with the same materials used by NASA...this vaporizer checks all the tech boxes. And yes, it can be wirelessly controlled through the Firefly App.

StashLogix travel case. Specially designed compartments for organized products, as well as any accompanying accoutrement. Odor absorbing liners keep it discreet, while locking zippers keep it secure.

...or The Tech Challenged
cannabis gift guideIf the iPad from a few years ago is still in the box, and you have to make sure the TV is “back to normal” after watching a’ve probably given up on gifting anything gadget related. Try some CBD gummies and a cannabis vape pen instead. They’re as easy to use as chewing and inhaling...and Dad did say he’d try anything to sleep through Mom’s snoring.
  • LBA Gummies
  • O.pen Holidaze battery + Daily Strains
    The Side Hustler
    cannabis gift ideas

    They’re always busy, because manifesting your best life takes work. We can’t help you break the news that one of their side hustles sounds a little bit like a scam, but we can help you give the perfect gift. An everyday CBD routine will help them feel their best, and a subscription ensures they’ll not forget to re-order.

    • Remarkable2 tablet
    • LBA CBD subscription
      The Shopaholic
      cannabis shopping ideas
      • O.pen Holidaze, Gold, Rose Gold, other colors; Daily Strains.
        The Health Nut
        healthy cannabis gifts

        They’re particular about taking care of their body, and you learned your lesson with last year's gluten and sugar filled advent calendar. Give them something that’s natural but still a treat. tretap sparling waters pair 25mg of CBD with real botanicals in a variety of unique flavors like Blueberry Basil and Tangerine Turmeric. Low calorie and low sugar, CBD sparklers make a fabulous mocktail. Maybe they’ll add just a splash or two of gin; it is the holidays, after all.

        • “Plant Based” crewneck
        • tretap CBD Sparkling Water (LBA); all flavors
          The Cool One
          cannabis gifting ideas

          They’re the ones that always know a new (or old) song that’s about to become your new favorite. They’ve got style, but without trying too hard. They’re so chill they’re Give that cool uncle something they’ll really enjoy. O.pen’s low heat settings bring out all the flavors of Cured Resin’s cannabis terpenes. It’s warm, rich and nuanced...just like listening to a favorite record on vinyl.

          • “Skuncle” cannabis tee
          • Vynl record subscription
          • O.pen Holidaze; Cured Resin
            The Impossible to Buy For
            cannabis gifts for everyone

            They’ve been there, done that. They’ve got everything, and say they don’t want anything. You can get another “World’s Best Grandma” mug, or you can give something delightfully surprising. That’s right, we’re saying to get your grandma some weed. What’s not to love about all natural pain relief and a good night’s sleep?

            • LBA Gummies
            • Ceres Tinctures

              Don’t forget yourself.

              While checking your list twice, remember to treat yourself with a little something (or two) to help survive the holidays. It can be a crazy time of year--tiring traveling, quirky family, stressful shopping--but cannabis is here to help. Whatever your plans this year,  turn the holidays into holi-daze and enjoy!