Cannabox: The Ultimate Self-Care Move for Weed Lovers

There are a plethora of accessories and knick-knacks out there for weed lovers but it’s hard to know what you'll find useful. Luckily, there's a service that rounded up the best weed must-haves and will drop them at your doorstep. . . meet Cannabox.
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It’s surprising how many weed smokers use the same smoking accessories day after day.  For something that’s used on such a regular basis, why not spice it up a little bit?  There are a plethora of accessories and knick-knacks out there, but for many weed lovers, it’s hard to know what will actually be useful and what will just get thrown into a junk drawer or trash can a few months later.  If only there were a service that rounded up the best weed must-haves and just dropped them at your doorstep. . . well, there is! If struggling to find the right weed accessories is something you can relate to, let us introduce you to Cannabox.  

What is a Cannabox?

Cannabox is a weed accessory subscription service that’s been working since 2013 to cultivate a monthly disbursement of innovative and valuable weed products.  The goal is to liven up your smoking life and keep it interesting and fun.  And they really do make it fun; Cannabox collaborates with different designers to create fresh themes every month.  Some themes they’ve done recently are Spaced Out, Bee Happy, and even holiday themes like Snow Dazed and Spooky Season.  Each box includes various goodies, including hand pipes, rolling papers, lighters, and other smoking accessories.  Don’t forget the munchies, stickers, pins, and on-theme t-shirts sometimes included as well.

What’s so Appealing about a Cannabox Subscription?

Cannabox loads value into these boxes.  The pieces are one-of-a-kind and are sure to be conversation starters with friends.  The hand pipes and lighters are quality pieces, and who doesn’t love receiving little stickers and pins to show your love for weed?  Of course, we all have our tastes and preferences, so if you don’t like the theme of the month, you can skip it.  Cannabox has three different subscriptions that can be canceled at any time.  You can pay $30.99 to get one month of Cannabox, $89.97 for three months, and $173.94 for six months.

With a Cannabox subscription, you’ll get several items in each box.  Cannabox never changes the quality of your box depending on your subscription.  The small discounts are only applied if you pay a lump sum for the longer subscription plans of 3 months or 6 months.

What Makes Cannabox Different?

Cannabox self-describes the brand as “curated by stoners, for stoners'' and has a track record of keeping the customer experience professional and friendly.  Many of us know that the weed industry has no shortage of cheap and greedy companies looking to make a quick profit.  The more you learn about Cannabox, the easier it is to see the difference in their ethos.  Not only is Cannabox out to crush the many stigmas behind weed and remind the public that weed’s purpose is to fun and enjoyable, but the company also focuses on giving back to communities.  Cannabox partners with non-profits and organizations aimed at policy reform and justice, such as The Last Prisoner Project, and gives monthly donations to LGBTQ+ funds and animal shelters.