What are the Best Small and Cheap Vape Pens For Sale?

Vaping is a great way to smoke potent cannabis concentrate discreetly. As vaping continues to gain in popularity, new portable vape pens on the market offer high-tech features like customizable heat levels, fast charging times, and robust warranties and more.

Since 2012, O.pen has been a leader in the cannabis vaporizer space, our #1 goal is to create the best vape pens but also to create small and cheap vape pens that do not compromise on quality. You can explore a variety of 510-thread vape pens for sale in 2021 that are available for purchase and shipment directly to your door via the O.pen online vape shop.

We’re committed to innovating around the future of vaping THC carts and offer a customizable selection of innovative 510-thread vaporizers, below we’ll explore our top recommendations for small and cheap vape pens for sale.

#1 O.pen O.riginal Vape Pen

cheap vape pen

At O.pen, the foundation of our vape pen designs are durability and discreteness, a vaporizer that you can take anywhere, that’s built to last. The O.riginal O.pen vape pen was the first vape pen we made and offers simplicity with a single heat setting optimized for most THC carts, a draw activated puff, no buttons required, a discreet pen style design and a first of its kind lifetime warranty on the vape pen.

Unlike other inexpensive vape pens, the O.pen is ideal for extended inhales and potent hits. Our pen provides a delicious puff for any THC cartridge, optimized at a voltage setting of 3.2V. With an 8-second Perfect Puff timeout you can expect rich and flavorful hits off most THC oil cartridges.

Additionally, the O.riginal pen vape has the sleek and discreet pen style look like our other 510-thread vapes at O.pen. The O.riginal vape pen is available inblack for a strong neutral color that slips easily away in a purse or pocket or in fun vibrant colors like Puffin Pink or Sticky Green for something more vibrant and playful. The stylish cylindrical pencil shape fits comfortably in a hand, so it’s easy to use on-the-go and in public spaces.

The O.pen has a long-lasting battery life with a smart charger. This means that the pen itself works for much longer than other pens on the market. Our first vape pen continues to be one of the best small and cheap 510-thread pens available for sale. Delivering discretion, potency and portability at an affordable price, the O.riginal vape pen is sure to be with you for a long time.

#2 ISH Small Vape Pen

cheap vape pen

We took our high performing battery and made it even more compact and discreet with our ISH Vape Pen. Cannabis enthusiasts who need a small and quick, but still powerful hit have come to love this mini-sized vape pen battery.

At just 3 inches, the ISH is one of the smallest vape pen batteries on the market. Because of its small size, it’s ultra discreet and perfect for use anywhere and everywhere.

Aside from discretion, the ISH has the same controlled temperature as all of our vape pens. In addition, it has a singular voltage setting that’s ideal for most 510-thread carts. At 3.2V, THC carts taste delicious and never get burned when hit from the ISH.

The ISH 510-pen has an extended battery life when used with our cheap 510-thread charger. The battery has an automatic shut-off, so it’s never overloaded with energy. That makes the already inexpensive pen last for way longer than most 510-thread pens, saving consumers even more money. 

Not only is the ISH complete with all the features needed to vape efficiently, it’s offered at a low price. At O.pen, we want to keep vaporizers accessible to all THC lovers so we work diligently to keep our products affordable and durable.